Quick Review – Mare of Easttown (HBO)

20 06 2021

7 episode limited series on HBO (crave)

Starring Kate Winslet, Evan Peters, Jean Smart

While there are many examples of crime dramas featuring a broken detective trying to solve crime Mare stands out due to its excellent writing and even better performances from the Winslet led cast. Set in small town Pennsylvania the characters are believable and the environments contribute depth to the story.

Winslet adds life to the main character and attacks her strengths and flaws in a masterful performance. Smart is excellent, as always, and Evans a pleasant surprise. The rest of the cast are successful in presenting well rounded characters that are easy to feel for be it love, hate, or anywhere in between.

The story starts slowly with the majority of the first episode devoted to character development which pays off in later episodes. Once it hits its stride possible suspects and motivations are introduced briskly to keep you guessing and present possible resolutions. At times it almost feels overly ambitious for a short series but the actors keep the frame focused and tight in such a way that it is engaging through to the end.

A definite must watch for fans of crime drama and a should watch for most others. 9/10.