Product Review – Master Mart Caster Wheels (for Office Chair)

21 07 2021

So, someone suggested I try these new style wheels for my desk chair.  He said that they were like ‘rollerblade’ wheels and you could glide around effortlessly, almost too fast.  While I doubted it was that great, I decided to give them a try for myself given I have been working from home for over a year now.

The pegs for chairs are apparently universal with only two variations – Universal or IKEA.  As I know my chair was not purchased at IKEA I ordered the standard stems and was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to swap my old plastic wheels for the new ones.  It did take a little prying to get the old ones out but nothing too difficult.  Once the new ones were snapped in it was off for a roll test.

The first thing I noticed was the height, these were slightly higher than my old wheels (an inch or less).  Secondly, they are whisper quiet and compared to the rattle of my old wheels these are close to silent.  As they are made from a hard rubber type material so they are very easy on the floor and would be on any surface I think.  They are also much more forgiving on toes, paws, and cables.

It is also very evident that the chair rolls easier so you need to be careful not to push off too hard and to hold on to the chair when sitting down.  There has been a time or two I felt it almost squirt out from under me when sitting down.  Missing the chair would be quite a blow to my ego if nothing else.

Overall the wheels are a massive improvement and I will not have an office chair without them again.  Totally worth the upgrade and makes my somewhat long in the tooth chair feel new and exciting again.  Link on pic below.

Overall rating 5/5



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